Communication with members of the UBCO courtyard encampment

Dear colleagues,

I would like to keep our campus community updated on UBC Okanagan’s communications with the members of the courtyard encampment. Below is a copy of a letter that was hand-delivered to the encampment on the morning of May 23.


Dear members of the UBCO courtyard encampment:

I am writing to ensure that you are aware of the recent communication from President Benoit-Antoine Bacon regarding the demonstrations on the Vancouver campus (at MacInnes Field) and on the Okanagan campus:

The President’s communication welcomes a step towards a constructive and respectful discussion on the issues outlined in a document provided to the University by the protestors at the MacInnes Field encampment.

President Bacon has extended this offer to engage in discussions with UBC student representatives of the protest encampment on the Vancouver campus. Ainsley Carry, Vice-President for Students, has agreed to serve as the lead and liaison in these discussions.

On the Okanagan campus, I would be pleased to engage in discussions with you, with support from Dale Mullings, Associate Vice-President Students.

I can be reached at

Should you wish to connect with Dale, he can be reached at


Lesley Cormack
Principal and Deputy Vice-Chancellor
UBC Okanagan


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