Happy Holidays from UBC Okanagan Principal

Every year, the winter holiday season inspires me to be hopeful about the coming year, and the dawn of a new day.

This year, I’m hopeful because I’ve seen how our communities come together in times of need, and because I’ve seen the incredible impact of UBC Okanagan students, faculty, staff and alumni in helping to build the communities we want for the future.

From helping the region learn to live with wildfire, to educating more health professionals, supporting Indigenous language revitalization, and building hundreds of new units of rental housing, I’m extremely proud of the important role of the university in the communities we serve.

Moreover, as global conflicts continue to escalate, I’m grateful that UBC stands as a place that promotes civil discourse, inclusion and, of course, scholarship that grows our understanding of the world

As we ring in 2024, I’m wishing everyone a peaceful holiday season and a New Year filled with hope and joy.


Lesley Cormack
Principal and Deputy Vice-Chancellor
The University of British Columbia | Okanagan Campus

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